Products and Services

I offer the course for students looking at a career in engineering, as well as courses for working professionals looking to pivot their careers and job hunt (class currently under development). These courses you take at your own pace. 

I also offer one-on-one consultations to help reinforce and/or implement the teachings from the courses in a more catered manner, or address anything else you’d like to discuss. Since every case is different, please contact me for additional details and pricing

At this time, courses are available online only. 
Additional one-on-one consultations can be done over the phone, video conferencing, or if in San Diego, Ca, we can arrange to meet in person at a local coffee shop.

No; while I’m more than happy to walk you through the course(s) in our one-on-ones, I do have to point out that in true engineering fashion, my teaching model is designed to be efficient for both the student and the teacher. I recommend you take the course(s) first because I give you all of the knowledge and information in a very structured, classroom-like manner. While taking the course(s), take your notes, do the exercises, etc, and write down your questions. Then, after you complete the course(s), schedule your one-on-ones with me to address those questions and go-forward plans in a more customized manner.  

Simply a desire to be informed when entering a career in engineering, and/or a desire to have an active say on your career direction.

Of course! Upon enrollment, you’ll have 90 days worth of access to the course(s), and can view it as many times as you like during that time.

With respect to the online courses, at this time, there are no assignments to be turned in. At certain points in the courses, I do encourage that you press pause and think about or apply what was just discussed. We may also go through some exercises together. 

With respect to the one-on-one consultations, there may be some tasks I give you to do between our sessions. This is case by case, and meant to be customized to your specific needs.

Bottom line, they have to be mature enough to handle conversations about their undergraduate level studies. So – high school, yes. Middle school, so long as you and your student feel they can handle it. 

Absolutely! I actually encourage this! Parents and guardians are welcome to listen and learn alongside their student. I believe it helps reinforce the teachings as well as align parents/guardians with their student in their go-forward plans.

Yes! This course is meant to help the viewer assess if Engineering is a good fit for them. It also helps them to identify the factors one should plan for during their engineering studies to help them get to their goal role/industry as efficiently as possible.

Payments and Returns

I understand financial strains; I’ve been there. If your budget is tight, I recommend that you start with the courses. You’ll get all of the information in a structured, classroom-like manner.

I’m currently working to set up my site to allow for others who believe in the value of what I’m offering to help “pay it forward” as a form of financial aid to those unable to pay for the full cost of the class. Please contact me to see what I can do.

I’m happy to refund you in full, if requested within 3 days of purchase, but I’m confident you’ll find the information worth more than the purchase price. If you still have doubts, I encourage you to visit my Testimonial page.

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